IPGS hands-in

IPGS is a multi-specialty medical group offering integrative health care services to patients all over the Phoenix-Metro area. We know that providing patients with the best care possible requires cooperation from all medical providers working together as a team. That’s why our physicians, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, and office staff work so closely together, and it’s how we maintain our anti-polypharmacy approach.

Dr. Feras Aldaoud is a board-certified Internist and graduate of the Trishreen University College of Medicine. Dr. Aldaoud served his residency at Cleveland Clinic where he received his training in Internal Medicine. This means he specializes in adult health care—the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses in adults, from their teen through their senior years. The types of illnesses treated include heart disease, digestive disorders, endoscopy, colonoscopy screenings, arthritis, diabetes, and hormonal conditions, disorders of the nervous system, infections, and diseases of the lungs. Dr. Aldaoud has extensive experience in geriatric medicine, having served as the contract physician for several skilled nursing communities.

As an Internist, Dr. Aldaoud is most often seen in the role of a primary care physician. He cares for patients for life, seeing them in their homes and skilled nursing environment.

Dr. Aldaoud manages patient care even when other doctors are involved. Often, other doctors ask internists like Dr. Aldaoud to assist with their own patients.

Dr. Aldaoud is highly skilled and works continuously to update his medical knowledge. He and his dedicated staff strive to offer the highest quality of healthcare possible.

Dr. Aldaoud’s commitment to health care extends beyond his own practice. He works with all local hospices on end-of-life care for terminally ill patients in Maricopa County. His concern for the uninsured and underserved in the community led him to form his motto: “We turn no one away.” This has been a practice that he has followed for the last 6 years. Compelled to serve those in need, Dr. Aldaoud notes that, “Unfortunately, there are patients who cannot afford insurance, yet also do not qualify for Medicaid. I believe that they still deserve medical treatment.”

This kind of concern and goodwill lead Dr. Aldaoud to form Integrated Premier Group Specialty.