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Are you interested in integrative healthcare and live in or around Tempe, Arizona? Integrated Premier Group Specialty (IPGS) provides quality mental health services as part of our multidisciplinary philosophy, and the process begins with a psychiatric diagnostic assessment. A psychiatric assessment is used to identify and diagnose myriad issues with memory, thoughts, and behaviors so that a treatment plan can be customized to meet the patient’s needs. The process sometimes includes a medical examination to rule out physical problems and acts as the basis for a treatment plan for many disorders, such as depression, bipolar disorder, or anxiety.

What To Expect During a Psychiatric Diagnostic Assessment

According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in five Americans suffers from mental health issues, ranging in type and severity. To effectively diagnose and treat mental health, patients must take part in an assessment, typically lasting 60 minutes.

Several components comprise a diagnostic psychiatric assessment, including:

Patient Observation

  • General appearance. Lack of hygiene and inappropriate dress can indicate things like depression and dissociation.
  • Speech. Observing speech patterns can indicate anything from traumatic brain injury to cognitive impairment, to depression, to mania.
  • Emotional expression. Clinicians assess mental status by observing patients describe their moods and emotions. A patient’s affect may not sync with their described mood or demonstrate mania or depression.
  • Perceptions. Patients may view the world around them in a distorted way. They may view everything in black or white, right or wrong. They may interpret everything through a negative lens, minimize significant issues in their lives, or catastrophize seemingly small situations. Each cognitive distortion identified helps the clinician with the assessment.
  • Cognitive functions. Impaired cognitive functions, such as a patient describing hearing voices or seeing things, can point to mental health issues. Cognitive functioning also indicates the patient’s attentiveness, orientation, memory, judgment, and risk-taking level.

Patient History

A biographical, psychological, and social examination provide insight into the holistic view of a patient’s background, life, and challenges. It is a common approach to an initial patient assessment and covers things like:

  • Substance abuse
  • Trauma
  • Personal and family history of emotional and behavioral disorders and illness
  • Medical history
  • The effects of some of the data gathered on current life activities, such as work, relationships, and family.

Specific Diagnostic Tests

Depending on the clinician’s observations and how the patient presents, the clinician may use several diagnostic tests to score a patient for a specific disorder’s formal diagnosis.

If you or your loved one lives in Tempe, Arizona, and needs a diagnostic psychiatric evaluation and mental health assessment with an integrated medicine approach, IPGS is here to help. Call us at (480) 718-0568 or schedule an appointment.

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