Psychiatric Services Form

One of those integral components of integrated medicine is the mind-body connection. Often, providers focus on one at the expense of the other. At Integrated Premier Group Specialty in Tempe, Arizona, we emphasize both empowering our clients to exercise a level of control in their care. When it comes to psychiatric care, we strive to offer various services for a variety of mental health challenges to support clients in identifying and choosing the path that fits best for them.

Our team consists of a behavioral health coordinator, a social worker, a registered nurse, and a board-certified psychiatrist, all of which are seasoned professionals equipped to provide the level of care, expertise, and resources you need. Suppose you are concerned about a specific psychiatric concern or the cost to treat it. In that case, we are confident we have a compassionate expert who will partner with you to achieve the best possible mental health outcomes.

Treatment Goals

We may have a team of mental health professionals, but we also know you are the expert when it comes to your life. The beauty of integrated health is that treatment is approached from a partnership perspective where you are part of your support team. Together, we identify your psychiatric concerns, and then we team up to create a treatment plan specific to your needs. We value your input; we believe you are your best advocate, and we enter into psychiatric services from that understanding.

Meaningful Client Outcomes

IPGS in Tempe, Arizona, is committed to delivering quality healthcare in a way that maintains patient dignity. We believe you are resilient, which is why we empower your self-agency and inclusion. Whether a medication is an answer, support groups, talk therapy, in vivo exposure, or something else, we have numerous tools to move you toward your goals. From the challenges of Cluster B psychiatric disorders to generalized anxiety and more, our experienced team is prepared to meet you where you are and help you move forward. We even offer in-house services.

If you live in the Tempe, Arizona area and are interested in psychiatric services with an integrated medicine approach, schedule an appointment with us.

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