Psychotherapy, often referred to as “talk therapy,” can help improve a patient’s well-being by examining his or her feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Psychotherapy treats a wide range of conditions such as depression, substance abuse, anxiety, and mental health disorders caused by traumatic life events like the loss of a loved one or witnessing a tragic event (PTSD).

Unlike medical treatments, whereby a physician examines a patient, provides a diagnosis, and prescribes medications, psychotherapy is highly collaborative requiring the patient’s active engagement and continued emotional investment in order to receive the best results.

As a patient, it’s imperative that you talk as openly as you can so that the psychiatrist can most effectively understand your thoughts and feelings.

Psychotherapy sessions offer a safe space where you can openly discuss highly sensitive issues with our provider who will listen without bias and who will help you interpret and contextualize your thoughts, emotions, and potentially any unaddressed issues.

What Our Clients Say

Because of the provider’s help, I feel as if my life is much better today

Rosalina P.

What Our Clients Say

We really appreciate the subtle and refined way that you approach our sessions.

Anthony R.

What Our Clients Say

Wonderful clinic for patient interaction! I recommend their services to everyone.

Suzanne D.